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What it's like to work with me. . .

I focus on you and your needs. Our work together is based on your vision for yourself. I'm gentle, yet honest, and guide you through your journey by focusing on your strengths, the way you think about yourself and others, and your family history and current family dynamics as each of these qualities affect you in various ways. I listen to your story and identify underlying themes and meaning so together we can gain greater insight into the issues that brought you to therapy and how to best resolve them.

I typically meet with women, men, and teens on an individual basis. However, often times family conflict or lack of communication among loved ones are a huge part of this journey. Because of this, I am always open to my clients (especially adolescents) inviting a loved one into the process, whether this is only for one session, several sessions, or ongoing.   I find that adults will occasionally want to bring their spouse into a session if it seems appropriate, but often times they want their therapy sessions to be private. And that's ok. With teenagers, however, my communication with parents is important. So, parents are often invited into our sessions -- sometimes for the entire session, sometimes for just a portion of the session. Adolescents often feel somewhat powerless in their world full of adults, so I make it a priority to allow them to have a great deal of control over their therapy. Therefore, they and I decide together which sessions they want to have one-to-one and when they'd like to invite a family member or members.


My Background. . .

I earned by Master of Social Work degree from Loyola University Chicago in 2003, and I'm licensed through the state of Illinois as a private practice psychotherapist. I began working in the field of mental health in 1998 after earning a bachelor degree in psychology. I've worked in a variety of settings including psychiatric inpatient hospitalization, substance abuse treatment, and therapeutic day schools. These settings provided me with a wide variety of experience, which I'm grateful for because it allows me to understand my clients better and connect with them at a deeper level.

After graduating from Loyola, I began as a school social worker at a therapeutic day school, helping teenagers with moderate to severe behavioral and emotional difficulties. It was during this time that I became licensed to practice privately and began doing so in 2006.

Through my years in private practice, I have found that I am particularly effective in treating clients who have experienced emotional abuse or painful events which have had a considerable impact on them. Often times, these clients are faced with a great deal of anxiety in their everyday lives. I truly find it to be an honor and a privilege to be trusted with my clients' personal journeys and vulnerabilities. The thing I love about my job the most is watching women and men, just like you, heal from past wounds and bask in the glory of that "light at the end of the tunnel."

I'm also a wife and mother, and I highly value the relationships between those we love! One of my greatest joys in being a therapist is helping others mend relationships with people who truly love them.


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Inside the Office

It's important to me to provide you with a warm and comfortable space, and make you to feel at home.

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Make yourself comfortable. . .

Relax with a cup of coffee, and know that the time we spend together is yours.


Convenient Location

Easy access from Rte 12, plenty of parking, and wheelchair accessible.

Relief is a click away. . .

Contact me now to schedule your free consultation. It's ok if you're not quite sure what to say at first. Just tell me you're thinking about trying therapy, and I will help you from there.