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What to Expect

What should you expect when you come to therapy? Well, that largely depends on both the client and the therapist as every client-therapist relationship is different. However, each therapist does have a general way of doing things that will vary from one clinician to the next.

At Restorative Healing Counseling & Psychotherapy, we view therapy as YOUR time to talk about YOU! You get to decide what we talk about, and we take your lead. We're there to listen without judgement, validate your feelings, and walk along side you as you open up about your experiences. We ask questions along the way to help you dig deeper and make connections between the things you're dealing with now and things that have happened in your past. For example, if you're dealing with anxiety, we'll figure out where that anxiety is coming from and how to get a handle on it. If you find yourself repeating the same unhealthy patterns in your life, we'll explore why this keeps happening and learn how to stop this cycle in its tracks and start on a healthier path. It's common to come into therapy with one specific problem, but then as you gain insight, you may learn that this "one thing" is connected to a variety of other aspects of your life as well. As you begin addressing one difficulty, the other issues start getting resolved at the same time.

Most importantly, we take everything at your pace. We ask certain questions at certain times based on your cues. Due to this and other factors, the length of time it takes to feel better and resolve the issues that brought you in varies greatly from one client to the next. It's not uncommon for some people to get so much out of therapy that they continue going for months or even years. This doesn't mean they're in a state of "crisis" the whole time. It's actually the complete opposite! The majority of our clients are initially at a point in their lives where they don't know where else to turn. Usually , however, they begin feeling relief right away and keep coming to therapy for that continued feeling of relief and healing.

What to expect on your first visit

At Restorative Healing Counseling & Psychotherapy, our number one goal when you enter the office for the first time is to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible! We know how anxiety-provoking it can be to sit down with a person you've never met before and be expected to tell your life story. This is why we make sure to take things at your pace. We find that some people are so relieved to finally have someone to listen that they are ready to open up immediately. But, this isn't the case for everybody, and you will not be expected to talk in detail about anything you're not ready to address.

That said, before your first session, we will ask you to fill out a few forms, which will give us a foundation to build upon. These forms can be filled out ahead of time and brought with you to your first meeting, or you can fill them out at the office about 15 minutes prior to your appointment -- whichever you prefer. Then, we'll sit down with a glass of water or maybe a cup of coffee, and we will begin. We will ask you where you'd like to start, and we'll take it from there. If you don't know where to start (which is often the case), we will help you by asking some questions and getting to know you. We'll talk about what brought you in, of course. We'll also talk about things like your current family dynamics and your background. This is your time to be heard, and although we will be asking a lot of questions, more importantly we want to hear and understand you and your story. We will end the visit by making a plan on how to go forward. Typically, we schedule a follow-up session for one week later, and at that time we decide whether to start meeting weekly, bi-weekly, or as needed, etc., based on your needs.


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